Kreationsbykellyr's Shop Announcement

What an experience selling my handcrafted signs with ETSY! I have grown and learned a lot along the way, but the road keeps going…with that being said, just want to introduce myself!

I am Kelly. I am a Work-at-home mom of two wonderful boys, 10 and 20months…boy, does he keep my busy while the other one is at school…geesh…that is the reason I ask for up to 10 business days for completion. I really only work when he naps, the rest of the day is mommy time for him and I. I have been blessed to keep him at home and work and so far it's good…There is more…In August on a family vacation, we discovered we are expecting another little one! We are so excited!! BUT, that is going to slow things down a little more as I get closer to my due date of April 2015.

On the other hand, my business is thriving and it 's because of YOU. The support is overwhelming and greatly appreciated! I do everything on my own, from sanding, painting, distressing, sealing…everything…when it comes to packaging, I don't do anything fancy. I re-use one of hundreds pieces of packing paper from when we PCS'd back from Okinawa in 2013. I don't use fancy ribbons, goodie bags, flyers, nothing…I believe my prices are fair and if I do all of that fancy stuff, it costs more to me, then in turn drives the cost up on my product…so when you receive your item, you'll just find it wrapped twice with my little ole' business card!! I believe in recycling and reusing, and what better way to re-use a garage full of paper!!

i hope you have taken a look around at all my items, it is honestly a fraction of the items I make or have made in the past…so if there is ever anything you would be interested in, please just send me a picture and I can work with you on creating it for you!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.