KrissWool's Shop Announcement

Italian style makes a difference!
Every piece as unique as you: which means there is something for everyone
Reserved custom orders are welcome

Hello there and thank you so much for stopping by KrissWool Etsy shop, I'm so glad you are here! .
All my pieces are one of a kind, made in a very limited edition and ready to be sent: a little world of hand knitted treasures.
Original design and creations, knitting and crochet -Made in Italy- for very special people:
handmade emotional scarves, neckwarmers, wool necklaces, shoulders warmer, ponchos, cowls, scarves necklace, handmade beech wood buttons hand cut, holes drilled and painted by myself.

Custom orders are always welcome!
If you would like something special or in a different color etc., I will be happy to help you.
All the items are made in my SMOKE-FREE and PET-FREE studio.

I only use qualitative italian fabrics and natural colors.
My designs make use of wonderful colors and particular textures to create harmonious and unique items
I believe in eco-friendly fashion: my yarns come directly from the wool factories. Sometimes they are the remains of old "out of fashion" collections, limited edition wool, crazy wool or particular. I'll be not able to make dozens items with the same yarn!!! Take that into account in your decision.
Sometimes the yarn is a masterpiece restricted quantity, so you get a unique garment OOAK!

A little curiosity :
Wool is a natural fiber that has been irreplaceable protection from cold and heat for more than two thousand years. It reacts to our body temperature and therefore can naturally warm or cool :4 seasons! The uneven surfaces contains millions of small air “pockets" that maintains warmth in our body. The lanolin in wool absorbs or maintains the moisture in different weather conditions, and naturally fights microbes, eliminating bad odors. Wool has been believed to have similar affects to acupuncture, healing different areas of our body with pain.