KudzuKreationz's Shop Announcement

Simple Life Farm was homesteaded in 1890 in the Appalachian Foothills of Northwest Alabama. This family farm has been in continuous operation in various forms of agriculture since its foundation.

Born from a desire for a simple way of living closer the earth in the present day, Simple Life Farm is dedicated to a belief that the simple things in life provide the greatest joys. this includes a basic approach to body care in the tradition of our ancestors who used what was available in nature for health and well being.

Since 1988 we have created natural soaps & body care products using farm raised ingredients such as fresh goats' milk from our herd of Nubian goats, natural botanicals from our herb hardens and forest areas and beeswax & honey from our own bee hives.

Kudzu was called the Asian "wonder vine" back in the 1930's and seemed to be the answer for soil erosion. It worked to well and in 1970 was declared a pest. The Kudzu clubs and festivals complete with "Kudzu Queen" beauty contests silently laid beneath it. "The vine that ate the South" was planted here on the farm by my Great-Grandfather and it has been giving ever since -vines for basket making and forage for livestock- as well as "Some Things Kudzu".

Welcome to Simple Life Farm and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using our wholesome, handcrafted earth friendly products. Enjoy!

~Why Use~

*Our long lasting soaps retain all of the moisturizing glycerine which is removed in commercially processed soaps.

*Our natural vegetable based soap formulas contain righ emollient oils for their healing, conditioning and deep cleansing properties.

*Beneficial herbs and essential oils are used in our skin care formulas to promote healthy skin and provide a little aromatherapy for the mind.

*Farm fresh honey from our own colonies of bees is used in some of our unique formulas for its natural moisturizing and germ fighting ability.

*Our hand-cut Goats' Milk Soaps consist of 28-35% pure, fresh milk from our herd of pampered Nubian diary goats for its age-defying alpha-hydroxy fatty acid and restorative proteins, vitamins and minerals with the unique ability to moisturize and nourish even the most delicate skin and facial complexion.

*Our natural products do not contain any animal fats, harsh chemicals, whiteners, detergents or artificial preservatives.

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