Kumagama's Shop Announcement

熊 Kuma is the Japanese word for Bear, my totem. 窯 Gama is Japanese for Kiln. My crest (Mon) is a bear bowing towards the rising sun. Symbolizing the harmony between my Native American heritage and my reverence for Japanese pottery traditions.

I study both the Urasenke school of Chado (Japanese Tea Ceremony) and the Hijiri-Ikenobo school of Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging). I make my own clay bodies and glazes using local materials whenever possible to create Chadogu (tea utensils), functional everyday vessels and sculptures. My current work has been heavily influenced by my experimentation with various types of wood firings that use ash and flame on raw clay bodies over days of firing. My intention is to provide customers with vessels that bring enjoyment to their everyday lives.

侘 Wabi means ‘despondence’. 寂 Sabi means ‘loneliness' or
'solitude'. Wabi-Sabi encompasses asymmetry, irregularity, simplicity,
austerity and an appreciation of the ingenuousness of natural objects.
Wabi-Sabi nurtures three simple realities:

nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.


Cody Kroll

熊窯 陶工房