KunisStudio's Shop Announcement

I used to think that “Metaphysical Properties” of gemstones and minerals was a bunch of bunk. I am now convinced otherwise. I have always been drawn to mineral specimens, especially crystals. I thought it was for the aesthetics. I started collecting rocks when I was about 8 years old and have almost always had some kind of rock or crystal in my pocket. I’ve been involved with several gem and mineral societies for about 20 years and still enjoy digging in the dirt. The thrill of discovery still has me hooked.
About 15 years ago I made friends with a few folks who introduced me to meditation and other mind/body techniques to improve the quality of my life. They started talking about programming quartz crystals and “feeling the vibration”. Initially I thought baloney, but I tried to keep an open mind. I am trained as an engineer and understand physics. I know Einstein’s energy/mass formula and understand that all atoms and matter is vibrating energy. I know that if you strike a quartz crystal you will cause an electrical spark. Can you really feel it?! I recognized that all our sensations are the result of some form of vibration. Sight – light vibration, smell – olfactory nerve vibration, hearing, touch, even thought is the result of vibration through movements and electrical impulse. Music (vibration) can influence moods. Music can cause you to feel happy or sad, energized or sleepy. Can minerals or crystals sitting in proximity to you or touching you cause changes to feelings? I did some experimentation with various minerals, crystals, and gemstones when in meditation. I found my feelings were influenced. Wow.
I’ve set up this site to offer folks drawn to it the chance to share some of my special experiences with minerals, crystals and gemstones. My designs will be focused around a special stone. The blend of other stones that surround the focal stone will hopefully harmonize feelings. I hope you will also find my designs aesthetically pleasing.
Please browse through the shop to see my descriptions for feelings that I get in meditation with the stones I offer.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.