KupferdachProduction's Shop Announcement

Kupferdach Production whos owner is Theodor Kupferdach is known for two lines of goods produced. First technical marvels for which ist Theodor responsible. Second accessories for which his wife Gustavia Kupferdach is responsible. The company dates back to the mid 18th century as most Steampunk companys.

Because it´s only a small company we are flexible and produce to the wishes of our customers. They can choose from different design possibilitys. We contact our customers after ordering the basic design and ask for their whises. Because of this it will take some time befor they get their technical marvels or accessories. We ask for patience. But we will update them on the process and send photos if our customers whishes.

We ship worldwide to the lowest cost if not wished otherwise. We don´t want to rise unnessesary costs.

Dear reader we hope you like our small enterprise and you allow us to be of service to you.

Yours faithfully
Theodor Kupferdach