Kushy Kritters is open for business!

My husband bought me a new sewing machine, and all of a sudden sewing is all I want to do! It started, of course, with wanting to make something special for my grandson. He never really liked the stuffed animals, typical boy he would take it, look at it, and toss it and run! I thought, and hoped that if Grandma made it he would love it as much as I did making it for him. I found a pattern online with and away I went. The experience of when I completed his first teddy bear, made by grandma, was awesome! I made it out of brown corduroy, which was very difficult for a new sewer, since it does not stretch. He named him Roy and loved him on sight. Since then he is my best tester of all the Kritters that I make. He looks them over, and I know if he hugs it, the finished product has passed! I hope you will buy and love one of these special Kritters, hopefully to pass on to your child or grandchild, or as a gift for a new baby!
Sherry Kush
I am a wife of 33+ years, mom of 3, grandma of 1. I work a full time job, work part time as a Mary Kay consultant, and babysit my grandson when his mom is at work. In my spare time (lol) I love love to sew!