LATrEbyVu's Shop Announcement

Clothes, like people, age and grow. They take on distinct characteristics and become richer for it. Whereas some try to manufacture this, LATrE takes clothing that has lived, has aged, and in its rugged glory, hand reworks each garment to ensure each piece retains its unique qualities while urbanizing its style.

LATrE is the brainstorm of Tuan Vu, who felt there was a limited market in the fashion scene that reworked the rugged line of clothing he enjoyed. After apprenticing for at an antique custom furniture store in Roncesville Queen West, he was inspired to apply his knowledge of custom refitting furniture to clothing. The same ideas of salvaged wood and the refinement of furniture could be applied to the clothing he loved.

Soon after opening a small shop at the back of the store, he was encouraged by customers to take his hobby fulltime, because the demand for his product overwhelmed the hours he could put into it.