LGKJewelrySupplies' Shop Announcement

My goal for my shop to provide you with unique and unusual items. I have another store ( on etsy where I sell the jewelry I create, but what I have found is that sometimes I buy more than what I need to create a piece of jewelry. I am sure you know what I mean; you buy a strand of large pearls, when you only needed a few, or you fall in love with an artist's work and buy more clasps than you need. So here at this store I hope to provide you with items that you can use to make your jewelry an unique statement piece. Plus sometimes it might just be those extra items that I bought too few of.

Also, I want to sell some of my antique and vintage jewelry. I love all jewelry, especially old jewelry and I have some great pieces to list. You can wear them or take them apart and incorporate into your jewelry art. So I now have a 3rd store on etsy.

PLUS I am selling jewelry supplies and components on ebay, my seller id is kricket50.