Organic Herbs, Body Powder, Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Harvesting time is always lots of work but enjoyable stress free time. Here I am starting to collect red clover tops.
Part of our work area. A fresh batch of herbal bath salts in the works.
Blending a fresh batch of our organic dusting powder. I ♥ working with vintage tools such as this scoop and mason jars.
Solar light on the work bench almost ready for their vintage mason jars.
Each of our items are wrapped, because everyone ♥'s gifts, even if you already know what they are.

The old family homestead has a new lease on life.

Growing up in a small but very close family in the woods of rural New Hampshire, I learned early on the values of country living, caring for your family, friends and community. To be self-sufficient and mindful of everything we do in day to day life and to try always to make it better.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I spend my days caring for my family and the day to day activities here on our small farm in the woods of rural New Hampshire. 3 days a week I spend my days doing Hospice care in the community.

I have always wanted the best wholesome food and ingredients for my family as well as time tested and safe everyday products for us to use.

It didn’t take long for others whom have “lost the ways of their heritage” to take interest in what I do and how I care for my family.

They started asking me advice and where did I get it… what would you use to help with this bee sting, remember that herbal tea recipe you gave me? Where did you find the organic peppermint?... I love this soap where did you get it?

The questions and interest are more and more every day. I’m no expert by any means but am always happy to share what I have learned and how I do things.
owner, Known as Mumma
A country farm girl who cares about her family, friends and community.
assistant, Also known as Puppa
assistant, social media guru
creator, designer, our go to guy for all things involving power tools
assistant, A sweet girl
Dalton our Lazy Beagle
The Foreman
Stewie, the rooster
King of our hen house
Jobie Jingles
Barn Buddy
The Boss

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