LYKDesigns' Shop Announcement

Welcome to LyK Designs.

LyK Designs was created by two fab women who love to sew and create. We are crazy about beautiful, unique fabrics that can be developed into great products.

One of our goals is to eliminate the widespread use of plastic bags. Reusable bags have so many uses, from sandwich/snacks, to market totes, to food storage. Join us in our mission to save the planet!

We also make fabulous Wine Bags and even Plastic Bag Holders for those plastic bags you still have hanging around the house.

Take a look at our personalized duffle bags and tote bags, currentlyavailable in unique fabrics designs.

And with winter comes a need for warmth! Fabulous Neck Warmers are now available and COMING SOON...COZY MINKY BLANKETS!

We are also on Etsy under our sister shop,The Sling Clozet, where we make custom arm slings in beautiful fashion fabrics. Injury Never Looked This Good!