Making it Work

You're here because my art struck your fancy and you're curious as to who makes it. For that, I say thank you!

Most of the art you see is a multimedia process, or collage (multimedia is just a fancier term, in my opinion.) I love to create portraits as well because I have always been fascinated by how different we all are. Recently, I have become intrigued with zombie and horror art. It's pretty cool! And oh so very different than anything I've ever made before. I typically work in pen and ink and colored pencil for these, but have been known to be persuaded to create oil paintings.

Learning new techniques and developing new styles is a hobby of mine. There are so many different styles out there it would be irresponsible to work one way forever.

My shop is small, but it has a lot of potential. The work on display is all original works of art that I have created in the past two years. It has taken two whole years to get to a place that is solid. I have been moving constantly for the past 4 years, which has made having a permanent studio and huge body of work impossible. I am now residing in Concord, NH and thoroughly enjoying having a place to rest my brushes!

My story isn't very long. I have been a professionally selling my art since I was 15. 11 years later and I am still trying to figure it out. Small commissions and occasional swaps are a great way to meet people and new clients, but I really would like to expand someday.

My studio, if you are curious, isn't that amazing. It's the second bedroom of our current apartment. Hence why this story is headlined with the words, "Making it Work." You got to at least try, am I correct?!
Laura Young
owner, designer, maker, curator, advertiser
I'm the only entity to this business, and I work hard at it! I love making art and making people happy by doing so. Recently, I have started restoring antiques and repurposing them, which has proven to be a very rewarding experience for me.