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Announcement    Meticulously blended natural perfume. Certified organic, gourmand, ethically sourced and plant-based.

Exploring the power of botanicals through scent and story


Last updated on Apr 4, 2021

Meticulously blended natural perfume. Certified organic, gourmand, ethically sourced and plant-based.

Exploring the power of botanicals through scent and story


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Hand blended biodynamic, wildcrafted certified organic botanical extraits, aged in a base of custom distilled, certified organic grape spirits.

I began exploring the treasure chest of botanicals nestled in this temperate rainforest on the East coast at a very early impressionable age.

My innate love of botanicals, words, specifically Latin applied to research with scents, their history, ability to offer grief support, as well as the creative imagery revealed, catalyzed my passions to curate scent stories... my intuitive gifts and knowledge intertwined deeply with my love for the olfactive, story telling and botany.

Adept in the science and art of blending, aroma chemistry, anatomy & physiology and history as it relates to natural perfumery, my knowledge began to deepen and expand as did my desire to create. I have carefully curated each botanical perfume to share my gifts and inspire through scent and story.

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    Aromabotanist. Curator of botanical stories written in scent.

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Last updated on Apr 4, 2021
Frequently asked questions
Which scent should I purchase?

If it is your first visit with La Belle Arij botanicals, the botanical sample palette is ideal for deciding which botanical profile appeals to you most, housing 1ml glass vials.

Every small batch is sourced directly by me. Ensuring purity, but most importantly curated using organic plant-based absolutes (the most potent and pure natural plant materials available in natural perfumery omitting the use of essential oils).

Gift wrapping and packaging

As sole proprietress, every single order is generously packaged with great attention to detail and intention.

Each botanical perfume is available in 50 ml, nested inside a gift box embellished with natural vintage textures, hand letterpress and a meticulously curated certified organic botanical palette.

I lovingly and proudly create my own packaging design, graphics and labels to reduce the amount of natural resources used.

Natural perfumery vs. Aromatherapy

Absolutes, are the most potent plant material available in natural perfumery, unparalleled in both scent, complexity and longevity. Compared to volatile essential oils, most eos are medicinal in nature and require careful consideration when used in large quantities, I only use them sparingly for this reason, if at all.

Plant-based absolutes are my preferred material, highly valued and still therapeutic in quality. By sourcing my ingredients directly from a certified organic small business supplier I trust, once you sample them, you will understand how prices reflect the quality, purity and potency, as well as time involved.


All botanical palettes are completely free of synthetics and parabens. Certified organic and imbued with exquisite quality plant extracts that use organic extraction methods, without the use of hexane in absolutes, ethically sourced sustainable harvesting methods. Always cruelty free. Curated meticulously with detail and intention.

What is Natural perfume

Purely plant-based, my line is curated with certified organic and hand harvested plant materials, offering sustainability. Carefully converted potent plant materials called absolutes, sourced directly from a trusted small business supplier.

Absolutes leave long lasting impressions and are wonderful to work with. Essential oils, have higher evaporation rates and require cautious application, absolutes are the finest result after waxes and solids are removed from plant substrate, leaving a pure concentrated liquid that is truly amazing in complexity of scent and completely natural.