Knit and Crochet Newborn photo props

Mohair and silk :my favourite yarn ever.
One of the most requested bonnet
I made this hat for my boy as he was 12 months old
This made for the first time for my son too
Love this wool:so soft and available in 38 Colors!!

Nothing inspires tenderness,joy and love as a new life does

I'm a crafty girl: I love sewing;I knit,crochet,paint and love decoupage.
Crocheting and knitting has allowed me to create a wide variety of designed items for my kids and of course also for my shop.
I love knitting these small props as I really love babies.
My shop has allowed me to create my own unique patterns using a large palate of materials like mohair, silk,cotton and alpaca.
I pay attention to details and I choose only premium quality materials as every photo session is special,unique and must be unforgettable.
owner, maker, designer, curator
My grandma taught me to knit.
I was 9 years old and I remember that winter was particularly snowy and freezing.So we spent our evening,as I came back to school,near the fire.
Her hands worked quickly and meters of yarns became something wonderful...

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