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Announcement   **Attention! I will no longer be taking custom orders on mini shrines at this time.**
Welcome! Look around, there's lots to see.
If you want to follow me on Facebook or Wordpress, keep informed about my shows and new projects, or just really like reading about glitter, check the links at the bottom right of my "About" page. Please read the Policies page carefully before placing a custom order, as my policies have changed. Enjoy!

The items in this shop have been processed in a facility that may contain pets.

Last updated on Aug 10, 2016

**Attention! I will no longer be taking custom orders on mini shrines at this time.**
Welcome! Look around, there's lots to see.
If you want to follow me on Facebook or Wordpress, keep informed about my shows and new projects, or just really like reading about glitter, check the links at the bottom right of my "About" page. Please read the Policies page carefully before placing a custom order, as my policies have changed. Enjoy!

The items in this shop have been processed in a facility that may contain pets.


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Bird collage, 2D art, recycled home decor
Speak Your Heart collage, love birds, 2D art
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Some Birds Can't Settle Down

I started doing Renaissance Faires just out of high school. For ten years I traveled the country in a dilapidated assortment of trailers, buses, campers and tents, learning how to do leather work, make jewelry, knit, crack bullwhips, eat fire, belly dance and appreciate the limitless kinds of knowing and intelligence out there, the truly epic beauty of the spaces outside cities and inside cultures.
I've also been everything from an electrician, to candy maker, burlesque dancer to bar tender. I've waited tables and made t-shirts, pulled espresso shots and modeled for artists.

With New Orleans and Chicago as my home bases, I've paused in my meandering for awhile to start this business.

Nothing I do is just one flavor. I combine all religions, mythologies and philosophies and with a little mad science and a lot of glitter, I do this thing I do. It's not one thing. It's anything. So long as it pleases my eye and is fun to do, I do it. And if I don't know how, I'll learn. That's why there's no theme here.
Or if there is one, it's "Wheeeee!"

If you'd like to keep up to date on new projects, shows, and the wacky antics of my shop mates and I, like this...

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  • Diana Gonzalez

    Owner, Creator, All Of The Things

    American, Latina, nomad, martial artist, autodidact, yogi, creator. Inappropriate, amused, irascible, snarky, and usually covered in glitter.

  • David Hoff

    Shop Monkey, Lamp Guy

    David is a data ninja for the Environmental Protection Agency by day. Formerly an electrician, he brings that experience and an eye for puzzling things together to his creations. He only makes a few, and they're all one of a kind. So come git some.

  • Matthew Clement

    Schlepper, Shop Monkey

    Chiropractor by day, by night (and weekends) Matthew is the goo that keeps the shop wheels turning. Moving heavy objects, set up, tear down, taxes. Keeping the artist sane. No small task, that.

Shop policies

Last updated on July 17, 2016
As the Crow Flies Studio is that funky shop that operates according to it's very own logic.
Because I don't prefer any one medium, method, or style of artistic expression.
I believe craft and art are all a matter of perspective, and my perspective is that anything can be art if it moves you.
I think recycling is awesome, the more glitter the better, and there's no such thing as too much sensory stimulation.

So come on in. Look around. Mind the cat, the dog, the rampant Guadalupes in every corner and remember that if you see something you like, I'll wrap it up in a bow for you cuz I love to make stuff. If you buy my stuff, I have an excuse to make more!

A note on shrines:
The use of Catholic imagery is a deeply rooted part of many syncretic belief systems of North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. These systems are each distinct from each other, though they sometimes have many things in common. One of those commonalities is Catholic Saints. Since the same saint may be connected to any number of different spirits depending on the system, even regions within the same system, I use a broad color palate and symbolism that isn't connected to any one system.
I do this not to dismiss individual traditions, but to avoid specificity, and hopefully allow anyone feeling connected to a particular shrine to adapt it to their individual needs. I am not a practitioner of any one system, so the dedication and use of the shrine is up to the customer, as the only juju I've put into it is the juju any creator puts into a creation.

Accepted payment methods

  • Pay with Visa
  • Pay with Master Card
  • Pay with American Express
  • Pay with Discover
  • Pay with PayPal
  • Money Order
  • Check
I accept check, money order and pay pal.
Paypal orders ship within the week they're received. Very often next day. Please note, all purchases made with a check will not ship til the check has CLEARED. Which is not the same as RECEIVED. It usually takes two or three business days for my bank to clear your check once I've received it. Your patience is appreciated.

I'm happy to do layaway on just about anything. A 30 percent deposit will reserve the item for you, and we can work out a payment plan that suits.

However, please don't ask me to reserve things you don't intend to buy. After a polite email or two, I will simply refund your deposit and un-reserve the item. But since that will cause me agita, please don't do it.

Note: If checks or money orders are not received within seven to ten days without prior agreement between myself and the buyer for a longer time frame, I will void the transaction and relist the item. So please use a trackable method of mailing checks and money orders, such as Priority mail. It costs a little more, but saves everyone a lot of hassle.
When it's practical, I ship USPS priority mail. Cost is anywhere from $7 to $15 for most items. Larger, heavier items will run more. Because priority rates recently went up by a fair amount, I now ship first class for larger items unless specifically requested at time of purchase. If you don't mind the cost of priority for something huge, let me know before you buy and I'll adjust the shipping accordingly.

I don't currently ship internationally. Not because I don't want to, but because nobody wants to pay more to ship an item than the cost of the item itself. I can't really blame them. If you love something so much that you don't care what it costs to ship it, contact me before you purchase it, I'll find the shipping rate for you, and adjust the listing accordingly.

Within the US I can track it, without I can not. If you don't trust your postal system or customs agents, you might want to consider the more expensive but more globally consistent FedEx as an option.
I always ship through the post office, and request delivery confirmation. Which means I can track your package all the way up to your door. But once it's out of the post office's hands, I *am not* responsible for it.
If you don't' trust your neighborhood, please give an alternative address or PO box at time of purchase. ***I will not be responsible for replacing items lost post delivery.***
Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the Priority Mail 2 day delivery is not a guarantee. So sayeth the post office. They can take up to five days to deliver a Priority package before it's considered late. I am not allowed to call them and open a case on a late package until FIVE DAYS after the expected delivery date. And that's business days. Sundays don't count.

I ship within the same week of receiving payment barring anything that closes the post office such as holidays or attacks by wild boars.
The exception to this is custom orders. Custom orders can take anywhere from a week on up, depending on what it is you're ordering.
Refunds and Exchanges
So please shop with care.

I stand behind my work though, and if you break it, I can probably fix it, so feel free to contact me. Repair rates are reckoned by the hour plus materials, and the customer pays the shipping.

Manufacturing failures, that is, unforeseen weakness in materials, glues, et cetera, will always be eligible for free repair.
Additional policies and FAQs
I am happy to take custom orders. Keep in mind that many of the items in the shop are one of a kind, and I may not be able to duplicate them.
Some materials are subject to availability.
I am no longer making custom mini shrines at this time.
Custom orders that involve something very specific to the buyer, such as a name or picture of family members, or an item that uses expensive materials such as a shawl or glitter skull require a *NON REFUNDABLE* deposit.
If you request a custom piece and for some reason it doesn't quite float your boat, please communicate with me about it. I can alter certain things even after a piece is finished and may be able to make it just what you were dreaming of, but if you don't tell me, I can't do it.
If you change your mind for whatever reason, I won't judge you, but please inform me you don't intend to purchase the item. Ignoring messages will just cause me agita, so please don't do it.
That said, custom orders will receive exactly *ONE* notification on date of completion. I will keep those items listed as "custom" for one week from date of completion/notification before relisting them if they are not purchased. Please keep this in mind and communicate with me BEFOREHAND if you need to delay purchase for any reason, or have limited access to the internet and might miss the notification.
Another important note on custom orders; the paint, glues and glitter I use all take time to dry. That drying time depends hugely on ambient temperature and humidity. I will never give you an exact time frame for custom because of this. It'll be "about" whatever time I give you. "About" means plus or minus one to three days. Please take this into account when placing custom orders. Your patience is appreciated.

If it was purchased on the shop page it is a finished work and I WILL NOT alter it.

I guarantee what I make. If it malfunctions because of something I did, I will repair, or replace free of charge.
If it malfunctions because of something you did, I'll have to charge you to fix it, but fix it I shall.
The caveat being that some of the items are by their nature somewhat delicate, so if you are prone to destruction, have destructive children or pets, or are attacked by alligators, I can only say be careful, because while I'll repair it as long as it can be repaired, that'll get expensive after awhile, and I can't be responsible for acts of god/goddess/FSM or other.

Lots of my art is made using partly or completely recycled materials. Sometimes, various components of the collages will be dinged, scratched, warped, scarred, rusty, and somewhat decomposed. I think it adds character, so don't do anything about it. Beyond reinforcing when structural integrity is compromised, all unique markings on all recycled materials are left as I found them.
That goes for packing and shipping materials as well. If reused boxes and newspaper padding mess with your chi, all I can say is it's better to save the planet than to look pretty.

Disclaimer!: Some of my art is pointy. I use lots of broken glass and the occasional rusty metal bits. Please be careful with dangerous art and don't get stabbed or stab others. I am not responsible for how you handle pointy art. I warned you it was pointy. Please be careful.

Some of my art contains biological materials, that is, critter parts. Feathers, bones, antlers and the like. These are all acquired humanely, either through the natural moulting of feathers and antlers, or an animal that has died of natural causes, whose bones I then clean and dry for use. I never harm any critter that becomes art.