LaDanseJardin's Shop Announcement

Greetings dear Friends. ~ Bienvenue chers amis !!!

Warmest Welcome from my brand new (still and forevermore in process) ETSY shoppe. This winter, (brrrr) I'm enjoying building my little online shop and I hope to be able to offer old and "olde~inspired" things that will be enjoyed and may become part of someone's creation!

I am absolutely inspired by the beautiful and imaginative creations that I see every day on Etsy. What an inspiration to come together here and share our dreams and delights with friends. Such a velvety, down-filled cushion in a world with far too many jagged edges. So, here I will take the opportunity to say a deeply heartfelt thank you to those who create from the heart and by doing so, encourage me to see with more than my eyes. Blessings for abundant dreams and creative impulses.....

I wish to offer a small glimpse of the world as seen from the eyes that i used so easily as a child. When twilight was a colour and fireflies danced to the scent of sterling roses, when life was enchanted, dreams and wakefullness were interchangeable, and magick was undeniable. Blessings to all Etsy friends, those I know and those I've yet to meet.
. .... . . . . .... . .. . .... .. .. . . . ... ... . . ... .. . . . .... . .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . .. .

Magic is all around us.... so very opposite from nonsense, it is our true and deepest sense.