Waldorf dolls, Toys for baby, natural fiber doll hair

Waldorf Doll puppets for kids from birth
not only girls but boys play with dolls and if this doll is a family and mom and dad - the game much more interesting
Dolls kids and my baby My son even before his birth became acquainted with my work. he has a friend - Matteo,
I sew dolls, and dress in clothes sewn and bound my hands out of yarn, dyed by me in the most
Life is movement, and creative life - find ideas and their realization.

waldorf dolls and toys for kids any age

I love to be creative!
and I can not decide what kind of art I like.
when I have a few hours - I do Felt
When I have time I can knit in the car while driving my husband.
the most magical - do dolls.
Here I com everything I can - knitting, sewing and felting
I hope
I could do a lot of beautiful new toys to the joy of all
owner, maker, designer, curator, waldorf toys for kids

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