French Country Cottage Curtains and Linens

It all started with a few Christmas Stockings...who knew that this wonderful journey could start that way!
Part of my creative space...this changes on a daily basis!
Some treasures that were my mom's and my grandmother's (memere) I get to enjoy them almost every day.
This is where my 50' commute ends each morning :)
I design items to add to my shop that are different and unique. Details make all the difference!

I thought I'd try to sell a pillow or two!!

In 2010, after my daughters turned me on to Etsy, I thought I'd give it a shot. There are so many talented shopkeepers here. One day I decided to jump in feet first and try my luck selling some pillow covers. Orders slowly trickled in. Until Ocober 2011. Things started to snowball. I had listed a few Christmas Stockings I made from a few of the scraps I had in my studio. Fabricaholic. I was hoping to make a dent in my "stash". I was running out of storage space! My phone started pinging with emails. Emails notifying me of an Etsy sale. I got alot of Etsy emails. I sold hundreds of my stockings in November and December! Who knew a simple little Christmas Stocking could bring so many to my doorstep.

LaFortune Linens has been a very busy place since then. I've had the opportunity to "meet" and work with so many people. I've brought in different fabrics with pattern and colors. It's like adding more colors to the crayon box! So many possibilties....

My pillows appear in Better Homes and Gardens New Cottage Style! They're the Horse Pillows in the Dining Room chairs. They're actually recycled from a vintage pillow that I took apart and reconstructed. Very exciting for LaFortune Linens!

My new and fun creation right now are TeePees! What a place for kids to exercise their imagination. You'll get such a kick sitting outside of their TeePee listening to them laugh and giggle and tell stories! Making memories is a such an important part of childhood...somethings we remember throughout our lives :)

So, I love where Etsy has taken me so far, and I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!
Ann LaFortune
Owner, Designer, Curator, Sewing Fabricaholic
I LOVE to sew!
I HAVE to create.
Some use paint, brushes and canvas to make beauty.
I use prints and colors and my mind's eye to make your vision reality. You should love your home...let me help you do just that :)

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