LaLanaWools' Shop Announcement

***The legendary La Lana Wools has wrapped up its chapter in history. The torch has been passed to you. Keep exploring, pioneering, and daring to create, and never underestimate the legacy you leave behind when you passionately pursue what you love.

yours in yarns,

all Luisa's girls (on her behalf)***

We are La Lana Wools - plant-dyeing exquisite natural fibers in Taos, New Mexico for over thirty years.
We’ve said Bye-Bye to our Brick & Mortar incarnation and are taking this art form back to what originally inspired me: Spinning and Plant Dyeing.
We are now offering Custom Plant-Dyeing (your yarns and fibers - our dyes) and one-of-a-kind Handspuns of the finest quality fleeces. Such is our passion.
La Lana Wools creates special Card Slivers, hand-spinners Rovings, Felt, and Last-of-their-kind Yarns - all dyed with our Plant Dyes...A Fiberista's Paradise.