Inspired Sterling Silver, Gold and Copper Jewellery

A close up of Indalo Man after soldering and before filing and polishing.
My jewellery bench, slightly chaotic at times especially if I have more than one project on the go!

Beautiful and unusual Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold and Copper Jewellery

I create my jewellery from a small studio at the top of my house overlooking the Mediterrean - the picture shows the view from the door! In this location I feel calm and inspired. Originally from England, UK, I've been living in Andalucia, Spain for 7 years and loving every minute of it.

I've been making silver jewellery for 10 years now and have had an Etsy shop since 2011.

I like to create unique pieces of jewellery that make the wearer smile and I can be inspired by anything and everything! I adore it when a customer comes to me with an idea for a piece they want to buy and we can work on the design together.

I want my Etsy customers to enjoy their buying experience as I enjoy making their special piece of jewellery for them!


In 2006, on holiday with friends in a small white-washed village in Andalucia, Southern Spain, I found inspiration for the name of my new sterling silver jewellery business!

Late one moonlit, starry, warm night, a group of Spanish, English and Irish friends were sat around a bonfire, just outside the village. One of the village locals asked me if I knew the Spanish word for the moon? ‘La Luna’ I cried! (very pleased with myself too, as I had little knowledge of the spanish language at the time!).

Then ding! That was it, the name I was looking for – La Luna de Plata (silver moon) was born!

Enchanted with Andalucia, I left my job at the BBC and in 2007 bought a little, traditional, spanish house in a tiny pueblo on a hill directly over-looking the mediterrean! I now live in Spain most of the year.
La Luna de Plata Sterling Silver and Copper Jewellery

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