Lacewood's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the whimsical world of Lacewood, where you can revel in the little luxuries you find here knowing everything is CRUELTY FREE! I *only* use fiber from animals I know personally to be well-loved & well-cared for - mostly from my own bunnies, sometimes from the well-loved companion animals of friends.

Lacewood is on Facebook & Twitter, & you can meet the angora houserabbits who help me make so many of the items you find here, look at ridiculously cute pics & video, and check out my portfolio! I'm at:

Click the "Like" button on the Lacewood Facebook page, get occasional bunny pics & shop updates in your newsfeed, & be the first to know about free shipping sales, as well as crafts fairs, new projects, & silly stories of rabbitty antics - as I once read online somewhere (rather cryptically, I thought), "Life with angora rabbits can be amusing..."

You can also follow me on Twitter: . My Twitter feed isn't particularly Etsy-oriented and tends to focus on community planning and bicycle infrastructure issues, among other things - but it's another way to stay in touch, if you're so inclined. :-)