Wedding Card Boxes, Card Holders, and Couture decor!

Handmade ring pillow
Flower stock
Handmade silk wedding card box and guest book
A partial view of my design space
Bridal Show event in January, 2014

Touch of Elegance for an Affair to Remember

Growing up, I had a knack for all things 'crafty' as my mother owned her own business and traveled from craft fair to craft fair selling her goods (she still does to this day). I became friends with so many of the vendors and learned how to make things with my very own hands. I never really fully appreciated that experience until I got old enough to understand that I had the same passion to be as creative as they all were.

My business was started shortly after I got married in June 2010. I had become obsessed with DIY and also Etsy. I ordered a number of items for my wedding from Etsy, but being a bride on a budget, I also had to learn to make some of the decor myself. It was a great learning process but in the end, it was all worth it. A few of our guests were engaged and hired me to help with their weddings later that year. From there, a business was born as I found I loved doing it all and had a passion for all things handmade. I quit my job after 11 years in April 2011 and I've never looked back.

I love what I do and I hope it shows in my work and when conversing with all customers.

I draw my inspiration from all things girly but with a simple understated elegance. I strive to remain distinct and original so please do not ask me to copy others designs and do not ask others to copy my designs. My aim is to create quality, elegant, and distinct decor that you will treasure on your big day and beyond.
Hi - I'm Lacey founder and owner of LaceyClaireDesigns, LLC®. I am responsible for the whole process of customizing your personal wedding day/special event decoration (though my husband does help cut boxes :) )

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