Custom Leather Journals, Leather Sketchbooks, Notebooks

My main work table looking rather tidy and organized.
Sewing headbands.
Boards are attached and then the leather cover is glued on.
Carving/tooling the spine.
Custom leather journals in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and designs.

Custom. Unique. All You.

It's no surprise I ended up being a bookbinder--I've always been a bibliophile and used to have a large collection of library cards from all the different places I'd lived.

But the first time I actually made a book, I was, frankly, rather impressed with myself and completely hooked. I was amazed that I could take paper, boards and thread and put them together to produce an actual book. I'm not sure why I was so thrilled by it, but I remember being almost in awe of the ability. That was 8 years ago.

It wasn’t long before I found out about veg-tanned leather—using a different tanning process, veg-tanned leather can be wetted, tooled with whatever design you want, and colored/dyed whatever color you want. Heaven! Not only could I make actual books, but I could do some pretty cool designs on the covers, as well. I could combine artistic and technical skills to produce completely unique journals and sketchbooks.

It didn't take long to realize that customers loved having the opportunity to design their own books, getting exactly what they wanted (size, number of pages, color, cover design, lettering, etc.). My current shop combines mostly custom books with a few ready-to-ship items when I find myself enthralled with a particular design idea and need to make a book to express that design.

I love the time I get to spend with my customers, designing a book, discussing options, developing a rapport with them that doesn't always come with a simple purchase and ship. I've been regularly amazed at the thoughtfulness and care that my customers put into designing the perfect gift, engagement book, or personal journal or sketchbook. The journey has been fun, exciting, and interesting and continues to capture my passion for producing high-quality, handmade books as I continue to develop my skills.
Eva Buchala
owner, maker, designer, Administrator, Photographer
Wife, mother, artist, in no particular order. Have always loved books so becoming a self-taught bookbinder was inevitable. I love making journals and sketchbooks that provide a beautiful repository for people's thoughts, lives, dreams, & creativity.