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3 months

Look at all those pretty ladies standing in a row! I've got a rainbow of lavender wands ready and waiting for you.

4 months

Look what just arrived today! Hot off the presses, it's a restock of snap 'n go notions cases just in time for the holiday shopping season. (And omg these 14 boxes totally took over my front porch)!

7 months

Filling vials with these unique glow-in-the-dark stitch markers for a custom yarn club order! My ode to Marie Curie, who wore radium that glowed just like this.

8 months

I love making these lavender and cedar sachets on my breezy front porch in the summertime!

2 years

Miniskein magic in retina burn, spring blossom, spectrum, and many more of your favorite color sets. Collect them all!

2 years

A beautiful pastel bouquet of lavender wands - perfect for spring gifts and Easter baskets!

2 years

Fabulous vintage hand turned farming eggs signed by a master craftsman - and never used before!

2 years

Late night shot of all of the new one-off stitch markers in the Wild Child sampler sets. I just love running my fingers thru them!

3 years

Just made a bunch of new sets of Flying Colors of the Storm. One of my best-loved designs!

3 years

So excited because look what arrived today! These stitch holders are a best seller and they are back in all your favorite colors - like cherry red!