Here are two dog portrait commissions I did recently. This shows work in progress as they were being done concurrently.
My faithful companion in the studio is my rescue Lab, Maximus. He's not always too fond of me painting other dogs!
I work hard and enjoy my art. Many paintings and drawings are being developed each day. Here are some mini-paintings.
One typical portrait creation is shown here in its progression from an assembled montage to a finished piece.
Only recently have I embarked on a more serious path in art. I try many venues including public painting.

Each of us is on a journey, but together we discover the beauty of our passing scenery and find fulfillment in its art and in our sharing.

My art venture, Lake FX Studio, was named after climatic conditions that occur around Michigan due to the surrounding Great Lakes. Air crosses the lakes, merges with the moisture rising from those bodies of water, transforming into various weather patterns collectively known as the "lake effect."

I use this weather-transformation as a metaphor for my own creative process. It begins as ideas that have their genesis in some experience or emotional state and passes across a creative place within me to become a visualized thought-- art. I invite you to share this journey enjoying nature, art, and experiences in life.

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John Vassallo
owner, Artist
I am a Michigan artist on a personal voyage of exploration and discovery.The focus of my work is primarily subjects dealing with the natural world, particularly the Great Lakes scene and especially Michigan.

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