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Expressing my Passions through Fabric.

During my high school career, I was first introduced to the costuming and sewing world; I immediately fell in love! I wanted to be able to make my own creations so I taught myself to sew. And through many, many mistakes (learning!) I finally began to be able to create a product that I could be proud of. I didn't even realize that I was considered an accomplished enough seamstress until I had people asking me to make their costumes. So, once I graduated college, I began to realize that my true passions lay in fabric. So, I finally opened my own business in 2011 and haven't looked back since!

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    I grew up in the state of North Carolina and moved to the "big city," of Durham. I am a pastry chef, jewelry maker, and professional seamstress. But don't let that scare you, I'm also one of the biggest geeks you'll ever meet!

Shop policies

Last updated on May 23, 2013
Welcome to Lake Fairy Creations! My specialty is handcrafted, detail oriented costumes and if there isn't anything listed in the store that you are interested in, feel free to send me a message with your ideas. I'm happy to help and would love to hear from you!

Accepted payment methods

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Returns and exchanges
Since commissions are made to order, I cannot accept returns, I am sorry. If your item was shipped to an old address, I will not issue a refund. If the post office is late with delivery when I have paid to have it there on time, I will not issue a refund, I am sorry. The tardiness of the post office is not something that I can control and therefor will not be issuing refunds for late items that were mailed on time.
*Payment Policy

1. I accept Paypal. If you do not use Paypal, please let me know, maybe we can work out another form of payment.

2. Orders under $100 must be paid in full in one payment.

3. For orders over $100, I have a fairly unique payment policy. Once a commission is ordered, I ask that the first payment cover all of the materials cost. After that, my clients are allowed to make payments as they can afford them. I suggest breaking it up into equal installments monthly, but they are welcome to do it however it is most convenient for them. I also ask that the entirety of the commission cost and shipping be paid at least three weeks before the costume is to be shipped. Because I let my clients make payments when it is convenient for them, I cannot keep up with who owes me how much and whose due dates are coming up: this means that the clients are solely responsible for keeping up with how much they have paid and making sure the sum is paid on time so that I can ship their costume. I will not be emailing clients about due dates, or last minute payments. I have a lot of clients and costumes to keep up with, which means that they must be the ones to keep up with their own payments.

4. Payments are not refundable. Once you start paying on a costume, you have committed to purchasing the entirety of the commission. Once the first payment is made, I use that money to purchase all of the materials. Other subsequent payments are for my time and labor, once I start working on a costume, I cannot return the materials, nor can I get my time back that I have spent working on it.

5. The whole cost of the costume plus the shipping MUST be paid three weeks before the shipping date. Again, I cannot keep up with everyone’s due dates and send reminder emails, so it is my client’s responsibility to make sure this is paid in time. If the entirety of the costume cost plus shipping is not paid by three weeks before the due date, the shipping date will be moved back. If you postpone the payments (as well as the deadline of your costume), the new due date of your commission will be subject to my availability. My schedule is packed very tight, so if you are late on your last payment and I have to push your due date back, it interferes with my costuming schedule and I will have to finish your costume whenever I have the time available to finish it.

6. If you decide to quit making payments, or cannot afford to finish making the payments on your commission, please let me know. I will be glad to send you what work I have already done, unless the costume is completely finished, in which case I will hold it for you for a reasonable amount of time until you can afford to pay the difference. If you haven’t made your last payment and decide to stop emailing me, or I cannot get in touch with you once the due date has come and gone, I reserve the right to hold your costume for one month waiting on a reply, and if you do not respond within that period of time, I will have to sell it to make back the money for the time spent making it. If this happens, there will be no refund. Again, I will only do this if you haven’t made your last payment and I cannot get in touch with you for a whole MONTH after the due date has come and gone. I have had issues in the past with clients falling off the face of the earth and just need to cover all of my bases.

*Placing an Order

Once you have decided that you would like to order a commission, let me know and we can work out a payment plan. It takes at least 12 weeks to complete a commission, even smaller ones. It may take significantly longer to complete larger costumes. I am busy making a lot of other costumes whenever you place your order, so I need time to work it into my lineup of other costumes that were ordered previously. I do not consider a commission “ordered” until the first payment is made. Once you have ordered a costume, you must go ahead and send me the shipping address for when it is completed.
Items will be shipped to the address associated with your Paypal account. If your Paypal address is not up to date, it is not my fault if your items get shipped to an old address. Make sure that your Paypal address is correct.

Due to inconsistencies in shipping, I have decided to do a flat rate for US customers. Shipping within the US is $20 and is built into most of my costume prices here on Etsy. For costumes costing over $550 I will purchase Insurance on the costume, which will cost an additional $15-$30 depending on the cost of the costume. If you would like to forgo the insurance, please let me know. This shipping cost may be subject to change if the costume is exceptionally large, or particularly heavy. International shipping will depend on where it is being shipped to. Please include the shipping address in your quote request so that I can factor in the shipping to the final cost. If I am completing a rush order, I will have to charge a $50 rush shipping charge on top of whatever shipping charge there is to begin with. I may be willing to negotiate shipping for very small pieces if you are ordering parts of a costume, or a very small costume. Also, I will pay to have your costume to you on an agreed upon date that we discuss beforehand. Once it leaves my hands and is in the care of the postal service, there is nothing more I can do to affect the delivery time of your costume. If the postal service is late, I am not responsible for the tardiness of the delivery. I get delivery confirmation on every package so that clients can check the estimated delivery date the day that it has shipped.

If you place and order and ask to have it shipped in less than the 12-16 week time frame, I will ask you to make a payment to cover the rush fee. PLEASE keep in mind that these are all MADE TO ORDER. I am not Wal-Mart, Ebay, or Amazon. I hand make every single piece that comes out of my shop, so expect hefty rush fees if you want your items in less than the 8-12 week time frame. The shorter the time frame, the higher the rush fee. Also if you order a costume during a high volume season, expect the post office to be late. Do not ask for your item on the 24th if you want it on the 25th. when it arrives late, and I have paid for it to be there on the 24th, it is not my fault and will not be issuing a refund of any sort.

Shipping for premade items within the US is a two to three week time frame. If you would like items shipped sooner than that, there will be a rush fee charged that you will be asked to paypal directly to my account.
Additional policies and FAQs

If you are interested in getting a quote for a costume, please email me at Lakefairycreations [!at] with reference pictures for the costume you would like the estimate for. Please also include your measurements in inches: Bust, waist, hips, and height as well as the date you need it finished by. This is very important to include because knowing when it needs to be finished helps me gauge whether or not I have time to work it into the lineup of already ordered costumes. I usually ask that commission orders be placed at least three months before the due date of the costume. I need at least 12 weeks to actually make the costume, so please keep in mind that the three month time frame does not start until I get your first payment AND your measurements. I require more time for more complicated costumes, so please keep that in mind when asking for quotes. If you need your costume sooner than that, I will gladly do a rush order with a 20% rush fee if I have time in my schedule. Please keep the time frame in mind when asking for quotes; if you need a costume sooner than three months, it will add to the final cost of the commission. Please remember that I get a lot of emails for quotes every week, so please allow at least seven days for me to get back to you with an estimate. If I have not responded within seven days, it is possible that your email got lost in my inbox, feel free to send me a reminder if I haven’t responded within a week.
*** If you are an international customer, please allow an extra 4 weeks for shipping, so this means that you should order your costume no less than 4 months in advance***


Please remember sending in your measurements is just as important as sending in payments. A delay in sending measurements means a delay in receiving your costume. Quotes are subject to change if you do not include measurements with your quote request. Also, please make sure to DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS!!! These are what I use to construct your costume and if they are not accurate, your costume will not fit.

*Commission Requests

I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I feel uncomfortable with, or unqualified to fulfill. After I submit a quote to a customer, if I find later that I feel the customer is being uncooperative or difficult, I have the right to refuse the commission
Commission Details, Requests, and Modifications

*Commission Details, Requests, and Modifications

Any specifics you would like to include in your commission request (such as fabric choices, changes to the design, construction notes etc.) MUST be included in the initial request. I will email you a quote including all of the details you ask for and taking into account the fabric choices you would like. It is not a requirement to include specifics, generally I just make the costume as I see fit, and clients are pleased with my personal choices in fabric and construction. HOWEVER, if you do have specifics that you would like taken into consideration, please make sure to include them in the initial request. Once you have ordered a commission, and we have discussed the specifics and I have finalized the quote, any changes made to the costume, design, fabrics, or construction after that will be subject to an extra charge. The amount is dependent on what new materials will have to be purchased, any extra time I will have to spend making these changes, as well as a rush fee. Making changes to a commission halfway through the construction is very costly and time consuming, so please make sure to think about all of the specifics when you are making your request. I reserve the right to refuse to make changes to a costume if it is not structurally possible, or I feel like I do not have enough time to finish the costume on time with the additional modifications. If you feel that your costume MUST have last minute changes, and I feel like I may not be able to make all the changes and get the costume done on time, we may talk about extending the due date, but once again, once a due date is changed, the costume is made during whatever time I have available, and the new due date is subject to my availability.