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LamourDeLange's Shop Announcement

Weclome to La mour de Lange :)

our shop collecting and restoring the finest lace ,fabrics, crystals and rhinestone.
all of the works are handmade and hand sew by our designer Masako^^
Masako hand sew every pieces , not by machine ^^

In our Japanese traditional, hand sew the pieces will bring the fortune and lucky to the bride, it can share all the love to the persons who are important for you :)

please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you^^
it's our pleasure to provide the highest quality and the most perfect service for you.^^

Thank you so much :D

our studio also designed a lot of Accessories ^^please visit to our another relative shop :)

please visit our photos gallery to see more about our works :) thank you so much :D

our Flickr :