LandofDante's Shop Announcement

Handcrafted Lace - Silk Embroidered Jewelry. Necklace, earring, bracelet, hair fascinator and more... Victorian vintage style or bohemian spirits…. Welcome to my silk embroidered fiber art shop where you can find stunning heirloom desings.…

All of my creations are eco-friendly, made with fine silk thread using all natural motives from the roses to the clovers. They look like real flowers - delicate and extremely elegant -because of the intricate technique that I used.

Some is designed with a bohemian flair -- fun and alluring--- can be worn with jeans for day or night.

Some is victorian inspired -- simply stunning heirloom pieces-- appropriate for the special events and also for weddings, from brides to flower girls.

The images do not justice to show the details of my fine work which took years to master !.... Although they may look a little like crochet or tatting, they are actually made of thousands of tiny knots, each made one-at-a-time with a thin needle and thread.

Each knot starts by taking a stitch, wrapping the front and back end of the thread around the needle so that it will create a knot when pulled taut, and then pulling the thread through to complete the stitch while controlling the tension and placement of that knot with fingers and eyes.

It is so tedious… but so worth it …

To give you an idea of the length of time it takes using this technique, my stunning choker “Elf’s Elegancy” took 36 total hours with a great care -as well as years of experience.

Every mm is original and handmade, no machine is involved. It’s just me and my needle. They are the highest quality of lace and stay in their original shape even after hand washing.

Thank you for visiting my shop !!!