LarkandLotusJewelry's Shop Announcement

In an effort to be as ethical and ecologically sound in the Lark and Lotus Jewelry making practice, all jewelry will now be only made in 14kt gold and sterling silver that is 100% conflict free and recycled metal. All gemstones will also be ethically sourced. We will no longer offer 18kt gold Vermeil jewelry as the plating process has not been found to be ecologically safe enough.
Thank you for your understanding and support!
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Designer/Owner, Lark and Lotus Jewelry

In many different cultures and eras, the lark and the lotus each have stood as powerful symbols of creation and strength. Their delicate beauty belie great transformative powers. The lark, safe flying high above the ground, sings to signal the beginning of each day. The lotus pushes up from the mud through murky waters to bloom at the surface. Both flourish in precarious conditions and are at once delicate and strong. Lark and Lotus jewelry draws inspiration from various cultures and symbols to create jewelry that is at once unique and classically beautiful.

Suzannah's first line, “The Catherine Rose Collection” is an otherworldly mix of art nouveau and Victorian poetry and aesthetics. It is jewelry for those who in a past life lived in Paris and witnessed the Ballet Russe at the Chatelet. It is for women who as young girls fell in love with Jane Eyre and any other book whose heroine falls tragically in love and succumbs to consumption. It is heirloom quality jewelry for modern women alive with symbolism of transcendence, sensuality and truth. If you, like the women of Art Nouveau, are not only a tousled enchantress but the living embodiment of ideals of justice, progress and faith, then the Catherine Rose Collection is for you.

Her second Collection, "Gris-Gris" is inspired by the mysticism and culture of New Orleans, grown from West African Voodoo. It is jewelry for anyone who has ever sat on their front porch on muggy summer nights, listening to the cicadas loudly hum and felt that the air was not only thick with heat, but magic too. It is for anyone who has eaten a hot bowl of gumbo, danced until the sweat poured down, and carried in their pocket a sea shell, penny or river stone for luck and protection.

Lark and Lotus' mission and passion is to create high-quality, fanciful jewelry that has worth beyond the metals and gemstones. “I believe that the worth of the jewelry is strongly determined by its wearer. Each piece of jewelry is a storage vessel for stories and memories. I thrive on creating adornment that is more than just pretty gems, but also reflection of various cultures, and diverse time periods. I combine vintage charms and cultural symbolism with a modern, stylish elegance.”

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