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Etsy's official redefinition of *handmade* unfortunately allows mass factory produced goods (drop shipped from large outsourced manufacturers) to compete with smaller independent shops. Know your seller, ask questions! :) Glitches due to site server overloads or code changes sometimes prevent me from accessing my shop or messages properly. however, you can always reach me via as well :) They forward any messages to my private e-mail and you don't have to be a member there to contact me. Thanks!

Pagan symbolism for sacred spaces, ceremony or just plain fun. With Goddess themes and a respect for life, my clay pieces speak of lost temples and ancient memories. Influenced through my dreams or emotions, but also by tuning in to prevailing feelings of others, I let the clay tell our universal stories. I believe we co-create frequency vibrations of harmony as we make beauty and sacred space happen in our lives. I like using up-cycled funky junk and have made dozens of unique tools that allow me to imprint the clay with designs that reflect our natural relationship with spiritual and ancient rhythms. By layering glazes, symbols and ornate patterns, I can create meaningful moods that often transcend time.
Have fun browsing through the listings and background stories.
*The "ABOUT" page*
I've written a brief description of my work process but if you want a more detailed behind the scenes peek at my life and routine in my art/pottery work room, click the blue *blog* link.

*POLICIES page* has the shipping info details.
Basically, almost all shipping is sent PRIORITY with tracking and insurance included.

*PROFILE page*
For the nitty gritty life story in a nutshell. (I'm 71 now and not doing as much clay work as I'd like to, but I'm retired. Right? LOL)

*SOLD page*
Here's where you can get an idea of various glazes, symbols and styles I use on my work. I am often making similar items...but never identical! Contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Big thanks to you, my customers for all the warmth and mutual feedback we've shared throughout my years here. They were a very personal part of our history that I treasured. The new system doesn't allow me to leave feedback for you anymore and without warning, Etsy had deleted all I'd previously left for you and the appreciation photos you sent me are gone too! I'm sorry and shocked. I would have saved them, had I known.

NOTE: You may occasionally want to check your buyer account settings so you can correct any that have been affected by ongoing changes in site wide privacy policies. Remove your actual personal name if you'd rather not have it made public access on your favorites, treasuries, feedback, conversations or forum posts. Etsy's previous security breaches sent out 1000's of seller's full private names pulled from acct registration credit card info. So sorry if it had affected you.