LauraEtoile's Shop Announcement

I specialize in international pastries and allergy-free baked items.
Why, you say, these two rather random specializations? Read on, dear friends.

Inspired by the artistic nature of European desserts, the wondrous masterpieces invented by chefs who breathe such beauty into something often thought trivial and peripheral (a sweet), I've used my love of baking to recreate some of these very rare treasures. Of the many things I absorbed during my travels, the one that I could appropriate with my own hands was certainly the truth that relishes are as necessary to life as anything else. A minute to pause, to pleasure, to is essential.

So why vegan? And why allergy-free? It is enough to say that in a world so interconnected, I cannot ethically continue my work without acknowledging the fact that animal products are not the healthiest of choices, they are not environmentally-friendly, and in many cases they are inhumanely derived. You may notice a few of my products contain them- those are used with ingredients as pure and fair as I can possibly find. I feel confident that using animal products can be done conscientiously, and that is what I am committed to doing!

The allergy-free section reflects my awareness that there are many of us out there who cannot tolerate certain of the 8 common allergens. I discovered this truth myself last year, and have chosen to eliminate them; my increased vitality will testify! I remain convinced that many of the food choices made by the general public create problems that go ignored, but not unnoticed. If people would investigate, they might find that they are also affected by these allergens. Indigestion is in many cases a choice!

As I discover more of these treasures which maintain their quality in the shipping process, have no doubt that you will find them here! The best of all worlds- European delicacies without the stress (psychological or otherwise)! And from now on, select items come with a short-typed history!

If there is something you want that I haven't listed, don't hesitate to contact me.

For orders in the Seattle area, shipping is negotiable, as well as orders that require refrigeration (ie vegan meals, cupcakes, or french creme brulees, etc). I would love to discuss whatever you might need. Chances are I already make it!

I am a proud member of Seattle's EtsyRain Collaborative.

Contact me at LauraEtoileEtsy [!at] if you lack Etsy-ness.