Vintage Inspired Jewelry, Necklaces & Brooches

Part of my craft fair display.
My German Shepherd Husky Cross, Ellie and my husband's legs.

It's all butterflies...

It's not all butterflies, but my shop does have quite a few of them. I think they're beautiful and super girly.

I started making jewellery nearly 8 years ago for friends and family, I found their personalities inspiring and I made items that I thought would suit them. I started off small with plectrum earrings and beaded bracelets and it's been spiralling ever since. Today, I use my childhood for inspiration, as well as all the pretty things we see in nature everyday.

So now I have a lovely full-to-bursting Etsy store and I'm here to stay... I have butterflies and birds and fairies and flowers and Alice In Wonderland and lots of vinatgey inspired lockets and pocket watches.
Laura Jarram
Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator
I'm a lover of pretty things and a vintage collecting magpie. I work in a small marketing department for a publishers during the day, but the evening and weekends are devoted to jewellery making, walking the dog and watching some great TV programmes.

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