LaurieErdmanPottery's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Claytastic Pottery, the soul and art of utilitarian pottery by Laurie Erdman

Looking to deepen your spiritual connection with nature? Claytastic pottery specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind functional pottery made of, inspired by and connecting you to the earth.

A Bit about My Pots
Whether hiking, biking or gardening, I love being outdoors. For a long time, however, I felt a disconnect when I returned home and served homemade chili in a Pottery Barn bowl. Using a manufactured bowl undermined the connection to nature I had just forged.

All that changed the first time I ate from a handmade bowl. My worlds merged: nature was now in my home. When I first sat at a potter’s wheel, I knew I wanted to make pots that allowed me to connect with nature. As my skills developed, I found myself drawn to the unpredictable and natural process of wood-firing. The result were pots made in partnership with nature and which echoed a deeper connection to the natural world.

What can using Claytastic pottery do for you? Claytastic pottery brings the soul of nature to your kitchen, dining table, office, altar, or anywhere you want to strengthen your connection to the outdoors.