LeahHoffmanJewelry's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Leah Hoffman Jewelry Design. I love using copper and silver. I handcraft each piece of jewelry right here in Des Moines, IA.
Did you know that some of the copper wire that I use to make my pieces is actually scrap copper that my contractor father-in-law gives me? It's called "upcycling" and it's about taking something that would otherwise be discarded and breathing new life into it. He brings me buckets of old cords and wires he pulls out of construction jobs. I strip, clean and measure the gauge of the wire. Then, I use that wire to create the very jewelry you see here on my site. It's Earth friendly. It's really cool that in another life your necklace, viking knit bracelet or Bold Swirl Ring might have had a current running through it, giving power to somebody's home.
Working with wire has hardened my fingertips, broken my nails, poked and scratched my skin, but it's heightened my creativity, challenged my mind, and helped me produce art that makes me proud.

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