LeenGreenBean's Shop Announcement

ATTENTION: If you are thinking about purchasing something from my "Made to Order" category, please check with me to find out my lead time. You can see lots of other examples of my custom work at www.Facebook.com/LeenGreenBean, and I'm always open to requests.

My husband and two little kiddos are my life. I'm a classically trained soprano. I never had a cavity until two years ago. I use too much salt. I've crocheted for 20 years. Favorite TV shows: Six Feet Under / Parenthood / Big Love (but I'm never on the couch without yarn and hook in hand). Favorite Musicians: Bjork / Rufus Wainwright / Joanna Newsom / Regina Spektor (and too many others to bore you with). I keep more yarn on hand than I need to. I gift crocheted items too often. I'm done with soy milk. Favorite Movie: Dancer in the Dark. I delivered my baby boy Prior on 10/18/2012, and my daughter Matilda was a new years baby on 1/1/11 (3 minutes too late at 11:14). I enjoyed my epidural both times. :) I've never purchased mp3s online. I buy CDS. I want to try crocheting with cassette tape. Favorite quote from a nephew (overheard by his mother while approaching the boys' room): "Hurry, she's coming, hide it in your mouth!"

My husband Jeff has been experimenting with making some creatures out of scrap metal pieces. He wanted to see if they'd sell, so I'm tossing them into my shop to test them out. Please take a gander at my shop category titled "Mac's Metal Men."

Please like my page at www.Facebook.com/LeenGreenBean, and keep up to date with my goings on!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.