LeisuresuedeCameras' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop. All the cameras I sell here are from my personal collection of cameras that I don't use anymore or cameras that I bought and have never got around to testing. Every camera uses 35mm film and batteries that are easily found. My prices reflect if a camera is tested or not and overall condition. Please note that you should click on the photo then click zoom at the bottom right to get a better view of whatever you are interested in.

I am open to negotiate on my prices but I do think my prices are quite fair according to if the camera is functional or not,overall condition and price comparisons on same or similar makes and models found elsewhere.

All camera are sold AS IS

4.8.13 Vintage Headphones Section has been added.

I have a thing for vintage headphones so I have decided to sell a few of my better ones. They are all in working condition and some have been refurbished with new new pads. 1/4" jacks are common with 70's and 80's headphones but 3.5mm adapters are readily available for cheap. Most vintage headphones need more juice(power) than a computer/smart phone/media player can provide so a headphone amplifier is quite helpful and therefore recommended.

*** If I have one "unfortunate" experience with shipping mishaps to a particular country,I will scrutinize any future orders from that particular country. Payments requests other than PayPal or credit/debit cards will be highly scrutinized and likely denied.