LemonLimeCreations' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Lemon Lime Creations by Leeanna Prejean! We offer personalized stamped jewelry.

~Production time is currently 9-10 business days

~I am using the thicker 12 gauge aluminum for aluminum cuff bracelets. I use 16 gauge for all other cuff bracelets.

~PLEASE do not use Emoji Symbols when placing an order. They print out on order forms as square boxes or question marks, resulting in a delay in your order while I contact you to find out what the square represented. Also, my mobile devices are Android, so not all Emoji's come across the same when I try to check with them.

~SHIPPING - We ship via USPS First Class Mail with tracking on all orders. International orders may not show an update to tracking once the package has left the USA.

~VAT / IMPORT TAXES - It is the customer's responsibility to pay these. Please check as in some countries the threshold amount is very low, and the taxes are quite high.

~PRODUCTION TIME: Current time is 9-10 BUSINESS DAYS. This does not include shipping time. Packages scheduled to ship on weekends or a Federal Holiday (it happens sometimes for some reason) will ship the following business day.

~INSIDE PERSONALIZATION: Included in price of bracelet

~PRODUCT CARE: Brass (nu gold) and sterling silver cleaners can be used to clean your items as needed. You will also need to polish it with a jewelers cloth after cleaning. There are also home remedies (google how to clean brass / sterling silver for further information) that you can use. Polish items with a jewelry polishing cloth between cleanings will help it maintain it's shine. When not wearing, it is best to store your item in the provided plastic bag. Please be aware that lotions, hand sanitizers, perfumes etc can cause tarnishing of some of our metals. As with all jewelry, we do not advise wearing it while bathing, swimming, washing dishes, cleaning your home or playing sports.

~FONT SIZE: I hand stamp items with pre-made metal stamps. I am unable to change the size of the font (make it larger or smaller). Please message me if you want to see a font on a bracelet to get an idea of the size, and I will send you a picture or link of a listing with the requested font.

~I THOUGHT STERLING DIDN'T TARNISH: Sterling Silver does tarnish. If kept polished and stored in the provided plastic storage bag, it will maintain it's bright silver color. Applying lotion, perfumes, etc while wearing will cause tarnishing. Sterling doesn't react with water or oxygen. However, it does react with other chemicals in our air (pollution, etc). It doesn't tarnish quickly, but the rate varies based on what it is exposed to. Leave a sterling piece in a jewelry box unworn and exposed to air for several months, and it will probably need cleaned. Places like Wal-Mart, Target or local jewelry shops sale polishing clothes if you find this has happened to your piece.

~DISCOUNTS / FREE SHIPPING: We do not offer discounts or free shipping. This is Leeanna's full time job. Please respect that we put our time and effort into making a quality product at the lowest price we feel we can offer.

~ARE YOUR BRACELET COMPLETE CIRCLES? The custom / personalized, coordinate, Roman Numeral and phrase bracelets are all round like a bangle. However, they have an opening like a cuff and as a result can be adjusted.

~HOW CAN WE CONTACT YOU? You may message Lemon Lime Creations through the Etsy message system Please note we respond M-F between 8 AM & 5 PM CST, and then sporadically on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. It may take several hours for us to respond as we only check messages during scheduled breaks.

~NEW TO ETSY, NOT SURE HOW TO MAKE A PURCHASE? Etsy provides a step by step guide on how to check out. The same process can be used with any Etsy shop. Please be aware that we are all separate, individual shops, like a virtual handmade mall. Each shop will charge applicable tax and shipping charges. They can't be combined. Here is the link to Etsy's guide:

~TRACKING NOT UPDATING: Please be certain to view your tracking number in the USPS website ( for the latest, most up to date information. We have found that Etsy updates behind the Postal Service website.

~PROFANITY: We do not stamp profanity in any language. We will automatically request a new phrase for any order containing profanity.

~ERRORS: (We try not to make any, but we aren't perfect!) If there is an error in your order please notify us immediately so we correct the issue. We do double check orders but mistakes do happen. We are only human.

~RECEIPTS / GIFTS: Unless you specifically ask for the receipt to be left out of a package, THE RECEIPT IS INCLUDED.

~PROOFS: Due to the fact that there is nothing computerized in hand stamping, we don't have the capability to do proofs. We are a hand stamped jewelry shop. Hand stamping is taking a piece of metal with the desired image (letter, number, etc) on it, lining it up on the strip of metal destined to become your bracelet, and then striking it with a hammer. All items (unless marked ready to ship) are made to order. This means no two items are the same. Pictures posted in listings are examples of our work. You may notice that sometimes the letters are not perfectly straight. While we try our best, since things are made one letter at a time, they will never be in a perfect straight line. That is what makes hand stamped items unique and fun!

~COORDINATES: One (1) set of coordinates fit on a cuff bracelet. I can look coordinates up for you if you provide location information (address, or common place name like Empire State Building). If you provide coordinates, we will stamp the coordinates EXACTLY as you send them (we do not reformat coordinates sent to us) We use the following websites to look up coordinates:

~DATES: Often dates are sent with slash marks. We cannot stamp consistent slash marks. All dates sent with slash marks are converted to a center dot.

~FONTS / DESIGN STAMPS: You can see close ups of most fonts and design stamps on our flickr account. Please note it is not up to date, and some of our newer stamps will not be there.

~SOCIAL MEDIA: Please message us through Etsy regarding orders and product questions. We tend to miss messages on social media sites.


Current production time is 9-10 business days. This does not include shipping time. Packages scheduled to ship on Sundays or a Federal Holiday will ship the following business day. Please note, the US Post Office is closed on the following days as well as Sundays. Packages will be dropped off the next day the post office is opened.

US Federal Holidays

New Year's Day (January 1)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (third Monday in January)
Presidents' Day (third Monday in February)
Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (first Monday in September)
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)
Christmas Day (December 25)

Tracking numbers for all shipments are attached to the receipt in Etsy for your purchase.

US Customers: We ship via USPS mail. Shipping time is quoted at 3-7 days not guaranteed.

International Customers: Please be aware that shipping time for orders can take up to 10 weeks. You may also be charged an import / VAT / customs fee by your country, which is money paid to your government, not Lemon Lime Creations.


I am providing the following information for my customer's convenience. Information was copied and pasted from (the United States Postal Service web site). Please be aware that once your package has left my hands, USPS is the best way to track where it is. I can not see anymore information than what is shown on their website for your tracking number.

USPS phone numbers:
USPS® Customer Service

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
(TDD)/Teletypewriter (TTY) Relay
Call 1-800-877-8339 and ask for 1-800-275-8777

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM ET.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.