LenaKotliarker's Shop Announcement

If you are looking for original Jewish art this shop is for you! The contemporary art for sale including original paintings, mixed technique art, Hebrew Judaica accessories and canvas prints for sale...

In my work I make my utmost effort to bring forward the abundant beauty and splendor that is beheld in the Judaic Art. In my method, I do this by embedding the numerous Jewish symbols and icons that have developed throughout many centuries of our rich history and heritage. The symbols mainly identify signs of fortune from the Kabbalah like good health, prosperity, fertility and so on. I believe, that when a person stares at the picture and detects the signs, the fortune will come upon him or her.

There are more than 800 pieces sold to the following countries:
* Australia
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
* Denmark
* France
* Germany
* Greece
* Haiti
* Hong Kong
* Hungary
* Italy
* Israel
* Japan
* Malaysia
* Malta
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* Paraguay
* Portugal
* Romania
* Russian Federation
* Singapore
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Turkey
* Ukraine
* United Kingdom
* United States

If you like to verify my seller reputation or see other art pieces, please contact me. Will answer ASAP.

Peace and Blessings from Israel
Elena Kotliarker

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