LickskilletCreations' Shop Announcement

LICKSKILLET CREATIONS CAN PUT ANY PICTURE E-MAILED TO US IN A PENDANT FOR YOU. We custom-make PICTURE JEWELRY with your picture AND caption, at a very affordable price. Your picture can put in the inside of a flattened bottle cap or, for something nicer, a sterling silver-plated pendant to make into a necklace, earrings, or key ring. AND THEY GLOW IN THE DARK! (PLEASE NOTE: ALTHOUGH ONE UNIQUENESS OF OUR PRODUCT IS ITS ABILITY TO GLOW IN THE DARK, WE CAN CUSTOM-MAKE YOUR PENDANT WITHOUT THE GLOW POWDER AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.) We also developed the AMAZING SIMPLE SIMON BASKET HANGER that holds over 50 pounds, takes less than five seconds to install with no tools, screws or nails. And, also view our silver-plated pendants, unique bottle cap jewelry and other jewelry featuring NIGHT-GLO, a non-toxic powder that is virtually invisable during daylight, but emits a beautiful ambient glow in the dark after being exposed to any light source.