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I have been cross stitching for as long as I can remember, It's been an on/off affair, with some years filled with stitching and others not so much. But I always come back to it, and each time I do is a pleasant reminder of how much I enjoy it.

My cross-stitch patterns are created and designed digitally, but each detail, backstitch, and color choice is tested and stitched and perfected by hand. I put a lot of time and energy into creating patterns that I think look good, and hopefully you will too. And I have fun doing it!

As you browse around my patterns, you might notice that I tend to create designs with a bit of a "geeky" theme. I love video games and grew up playing some of the older classics like Zelda and Final Fantasy. I've always been drawn to the long lines and bright colors found in comic book characters, as well as the intricate details found in certain Japanese animation. And of course, fantasy stories and mythical creatures have always had a place in my heart. All of these interests translate into the sorts of patterns I like to make.

So have a look around and I hope that you enjoy your visit to my shop!

Oh - and check out my blog if you want. I sometimes put freebie patterns up there:

Thanks so much for your visit!

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