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Offering select items marked down, limited time only!!! (Clearing older inventory to make room for *AWESOME* new vintage finds!! <3

I am SO excited to annouce the arrival of *NEW* vintage goodies soon! TONS of vintage toys, hopefully- I'll see what I can dig up! Let me know what YOU want to see in my shop!!! (feel free to shoot me a quick message, or just keep watching for more marvelous finds!)


Don't see exactly whatcha want here? Well than, let me find your dream treasure!!.. whether it be a favorite toy from when you were young, or that missing baseball card from your collection, or a cool new-old stuffie to add to the ever-growing plushie collection! WHATEVER the case, feel free to send me a message describing what it is you would would like! Item *must* be vintage/older. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. No payment up front; and picture references of the item you are looking for would be GREAT. The more details/photos, the better a chance I can find it for you! Once I have located the requested 'treasure(s)', and they are satisfactory enough for you, the buyer, you can send me payment, (which is based upon item value + 50% of the item value (small comission) for my epic services). ^^

And if I can't find just what you're looking for, I may be able to least provide a few decent resources if you'd like to search on your own!

If I do happen to find the item on eBay, than it most likely will be on bid and therefore I will have no way of knowing for sure what the it will end up selling for. If the said item is on ebay and I happen to win it for you, than I will notify you within 24 hrs of item end, letting you know the total amount owed (total includes item price + original shipping cost(s) if any + 50% of item price (additional add on fee for my services) + NEW actual shipping cost to get the item to you)...I then will invoice you the amount owed via paypal. From that point you will have 48 hours (exactly 2 days) to pay me via paypal for your item. Once payment is received, I will ship out your item immediately (within 24 hrs of completed payment) to your PAYPAL registered address. If that is the case, you (the buyer) do have a few options:

I can bid on the item for you/win it, however, there ARE some guidelines that must be followed at that point-

*Please note that you are COMMITTING to carrying out and completing purchase for the item(s) selected- this means paying any/all costs within the stated timeframe (48 hrs).
*You do have a paypal account- PAYPAL PAYMENTS ONLY ARE ACCEPTED!!
*Please please please look over and DOUBLE-CHECK your paypal address, as this is where I will be shipping your item upon payment!!
*You currently live in the US.
*You acknowledge that you have READ and understand these terms.

Most of the time however, I should be able to find what it is you are looking for! I will then list the item just for you for purchase here on Etsy-therefore, same terms and conditions apply (so be sure to look over my policy page) and payment is to be made via PAYPAL only. USA CUSTOMERS ONLY.

Looking forward to treasure-hunting! LOL :D


Thank you so very much for stopping by our little corner of Etsy, "Like No Other" Alpacas!!!

Here we offer farm/fair trade type crafts, handmade using my own two hands. "Like No Other" specializes in fine alpaca fibers, handcrafted leather goods, and waldorf style dolls/accessories. Our fiber/roving is TOP quality, hand-shorn straight off the alpaca itself-now that's what I call "farm fresh!" :) Our leather goods are all hand crafted from hand-selected, all natural elk, deer and cow hides. We NEVER knowingly offer goods made from baby animal hides, such as calves or lambs. All leather is very carefully reviewed before purchase. We have the buttery soft consistency you love, with the firmness that'll stand up to "wear and tear" for years-it's the REAL stuff! Our waldorf dolls are sewn in traditional waldorf fashion featuring our signature, unique touch-each one is handmade one at a time. ALL my products are all natural and made with lots of love, time and care for you! *^_^*

We ALSO sell fun and unique yard sale finds; anything from vintage and antique goodies and toys, to supplies or even the occasional fixed-up furniture piece!!! You just never know whatcha might find!

We frequently try to run sales on some of our best items, in order to help them find a good home, and to save you $$$! Be sure to check out all our great deals on products you just can't get anywhere else!!!

ALL purchases made through "Like No Other" Alpacas benefits animals. We donate 10% of every sale to our local animal shelter; the rest goes towards the care, feeding, and savings regarding my 'pacas! We all thank you kindly for your business from us!!

Please read our shop policies prior to purchase!