LilVintageShop's Shop Announcement

Four score and seven years ago, two friends by the names of Julie and Hannah decided to bring forth, upon this world wide web, a new Etsy shop, conceived in the love of vintage, and dedicated to the proposition that, while all humans may be created equal, all garments were not. Now, they are engaged in -

Oh, ok, enough with all that Lincoln-like talk - here's the down low, short and sweet:

Hi! We're Julie and Hannah. (We're waving at the screen, you just can't see us!) As you probably deduced from the info above, we're two fun-lovin' gals with a hankering for vintage. We come across quite a bit of rockin' retro in our adventures, and have decided so share our most fabulous finds with you!

Hope you have fun poking around our 'lilvintageshop!'

Love and pastries,
Julie and Hannah

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