LilibellsCouture's Shop Announcement

20% of every sale at Lilibell's Couture is donated to Noah's Arks Rescue and Rescue From the Hart.

Welcome to Lilibell’s Couture, fashions designed for the every day small breed pups! All outfits are handmade by me for each order, never pre-made. They are constructed with an eye towards durability, materials are selected for ease of laundering (almost all are machine washable!), and are designed for every day use, with the exception of the holiday and special occasion outfits. Outfits are specialized in quality and detail. All D ring attachments are reinforced with interfacing and triple stitched to prevent wear and tear and heavy duty Velcro is used for security. The ribbons are treated to prevent fraying and all designs are lined for comfort.

Each outfit is truly unique. Enough fabric is bought for up to 3 outfits; once the fabric is gone, the design is retired, ensuring that you get a truly one of a kind outfit! Every outfit is handmade, that means it takes time to fulfill your order, and trimmings and the position of a particular print will vary slightly since it is next to impossible to make the exact same piece of clothing twice. But that is what's so fun about a handmade outfit, no two outfits will ever be exactly alike! And who knows, I may also be inspired to add a little extra something to your outfit!