LilikSha's Shop Announcement

Hello everybody! Welcome to me Etsy shop!

My name is Lilia Shaevitch, and many internet users know me as LilikSha - designer of crocheted toys.

In 2002 I set up in business that is called " LilikSha Toys"
It is devoted to creating crocheted gifts – magic toys from fairy tales.

Hand-made toy takes its warmth from loving human hands and kind heart, it's so lovable and huggable and brings its owner a feeling of bliss from the very first touch!

You can buy my toys in my Etsy shop:

I try to make tutorials to almost all my toys in order you could create your own little wonder for yourself and your nearest and dearest.

My tutorials are in English and Russian and some of them are translated into German and Hebrew.

Each tutorial has a detailed description with lots of photos so even a beginner crocheter Can use them.

My blog:

my sites :

If you have any problems, such as you cannot open the file, or you haven’t got the pattern at all or anything like this, please let me know.

My email address is Lilikshatoy [!at]

Please wait a bit before being upset and giving me a negative mark.

It might happen that I cannot answer you immediately. I beg your pardon for all unforeseen situations.

All these might happen because we live in different countries and in different time zones.

And as I don’t know English quite well, I ask a translator to help me. It takes me some time, as you see.

I try to do my best for you the get my replies as soon as possible.
Take my word!

Good luck!
Best regards,

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