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My packaging station.
My simple set up for taking photos. Just a table by a window, with all my small trinkets and props.
Recycling doesn't just stop at the items I sell... I recycle all the way down to my packaging!

Vintage Finds and Shabby Chic Creations..

Seeing beauty in the less than beautiful things.
Re-purposing and up-cycling forgotten about pieces and giving them a new life!

Have you every thought how much as a society we have wasted over the years? How many times do we go into a big box store to purchase something new for our home?

Walking through thrift stores, second hand shops, and donation centers will show you a rude awaking of how much is just given away and forgotten about. Neglected treasures sitting on shelves ultimately waiting to be incinerated and turned into waste.

If you don't believe me, come view a blog article where I shared just a FEW photos of a trip to a donation center in town. The isles of stuff amazed me and also saddened me to think that most of these items would just be trashed.

Cue Lilly Queen, a shop that sees the beauty in trashed, neglected and unwanted home decor. Give something a new life for years to come and save it from ending up in a landfill.
Seeing beauty in the less than beautiful things.

Repourposing and upcycling forgotten about pieces, giving them a new life!

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