Limorafaeli's Shop Announcement

The ancient merges with the contemporary in my jewelry designs, resulting in pieces that are unique and fresh.
During my thirty plus years of goldsmithing, I’ve learned the importance of the relationship between the artisan and the material. Listening, as in every avenue of life, is a key ingredient. State of mind, as I create, plays a crucial role in this relationship.

Historically, gemstones have been used to convey certain expressions.
My deep respect for the message that each gem carries enables me to release the power within it. Should you be entering a new phase in your life, consider a garnet which represents new beginnings. The emerald preserves love and is a symbol of hope.
In addition, man made stones are an art form in themselves, and have exciting qualities, as well.
My passion for helping others carries through in the jewelry I craft. For this reason, I find if you send a brief note, sharing with me the purpose behind the piece you would like designed, I make an intention for the piece and meditate on that intention throughout the creative process. Because I infuse each piece with a very specific, soulful intention, my clients often feel the process even if they are on the other side of the world. They communicate via text expressing their excitement. When the piece reaches its new owner, it becomes more than a ring or a bracelet. Through spiritual alchemy, the piece becomes a source of healing, luck, and protection.
You can always choose the metal - silver or gold, for the displayed models, with the suitable karats, and also specify different stones, if it carry a special meanings for you.
In that case I will offer a special quote.

If you've got any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and come back often, for new designs!

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