LingonberrySquirrel's Shop Announcement

I am a squirrel who lives in a maple tree in Tampere, Finland. I have a passion for collecting all kinds of round things. Lingonberries, nuts, and other edibles will end up in my mouth but if I run into vintage bakelite, lucite or glass beads I will use them to make unique jewelry, some of which is now for sale in my shop. In addition to round things, I have collected dozens if not hundreds of pieces of vintage clothing and shoes, which I am now proud to be able to distribute to squirrels and people all over the world. If you have any questions regarding my items, please feel free to contact me!

Shipping costs are calculated according to item weight. If the post office gives me a better price than my estimate, I will refund my customer the extra cost. Unless otherwise mentioned, shipping info is for Priority International with no insurance or tracking. Other options available.