LinkafterLink's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop of handmade (chain mail) jewelry!!!!

I do custom orders, so just send me a note saying what color or (colors) you would like and what weave you would like it in and I will tell you the price for that. You can choose from any of the colors shown below. And choose any one of the weaves shown below,

I can make: necklaces, chokers, bracelets, cubes, key chain cubes, anklets, earrings,


Red, Gold, Purple, Blue,
Black, Orange, Violet, Turquoise,
Bronze, Green, Pink, Yellow,
Silver, Black Ice, Sterling Silver,


European 4 in 1
European 6 in 1
Spiral Weave
Full Persian
Box Chain
Triple Chain Link
Half Persian
Dragon Back

All of the Jewelry I make
are put together (link after link).

So please enjoy!!!

and Have a great day!!!