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I just thought I would let everyone know a little about me my name is Melissa Messick..I'm a little older and more settled in my life and am in a 10 year old Relationship. I love Companion Parrots and have 18 at home now. I foster and Volunteer for a wonderful Origination called Phoenix out of Asheville NC. but they have fosters all over the Eastern Seaboard.If you are a Parrot Lover as I am Please consider adoption first. If you aren't in the states Phoenix Landing services you can still contact me. I have built a network of fellow Bird lovers all across the US.
I was born and raised in Central Virginia where I and my two grown children and three grand children still live.
I stopped smoking and started Vaping(ecigs) June 9.2011.I had been a 1.5 pack a day smoker for 30 years. I haven't touched a real cig since then. It's not stopping but it is alot better for you.I'm pleased with myself I never thought I could get this far.If you have any questions about ecigs Maybe I could answer them for you. They certainly have changed my life.
Now to the point to this web site,in Nov of 2011 I broke my ankle and was out of work couldn't get around real well and was bored stupid. I was surfing the web and discovered a big world of woodturning. Well I was still hurting so I started with Turning Pens since they were small and easy to handle. I really enjoying it and have learned alot in a short period of time.It is an expensive hobby though and I have decided to try and sell some of my turning so that I might be able to afford more goodies to turn........ thats about it.....I hope you enjoy looking at my Handcrafted Custom writing instruments as much as I enjoyed turning and creating them for you on a Lathe.I certainly hope to become your source for all things wood.

I also have a Web site that has more of my work on it:

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