LipsLikeCherry's Shop Announcement

We are a small collective (just the two of us!) who enjoy making mainly woman-centric art, jewellery and personal embellishments. One of us loves working with fabric and thread, the other loves making polymer clay pieces. This shop featueres pieces made individually and, uniqely, pieces we've made together.
Whilst our work celebrates femininity and the joy of womanhood we feel there is no need to attach any particular social or political message to it - we do it because it's fun and we like to look at it because it's beautiful. Simple as that!
All our pieces are one of a kind and/or custom made. If you'd like to combine different elements from different pieces of work to create something unique and perfectly to your taste, please convo us. For instance, if you would like a certain piece but in a different color or size...

Where possible we keep packaging to a minimum and use recycled materials.